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A Little About Us

Concentricity Consulting Solutions (CCS) is a team of top professionals dedicated to one passionate purpose; helping your healthcare company to maximize its net return on investment in a highly ethical and efficient way. Prospering in the complex healthcare environment requires expertise from a diverse team of skilled employees and consultants with eyes and hearts firmly fixed on our common goal of excellence. We want to earn the right to be on your team. Call us old fashioned, but at CCS our handshake is our bond. As mission is balanced against margin, we know how to help you ethically achieve your goal of “patient first” while also attending to a prosperous bottom line.


With a team deeply experienced in both physical and mental health and diverse healthcare delivery settings from inpatient to outpatient to rehabilitation to long term care, you can be sure that we have the right crew to step into your situation and begin to find the answers you need. At CCS our core competency is solving complex problems with a “can do” attitude that gets things done on time and on budget. While we are small our family is large; a legacy of decades of relationship building with our partners. It is the natural result of having done our jobs well and making friends wherever we go. We understand that it is relationship that solves problems that skill alone cannot. So we’re confident that when you say “yes” and we “shake on the deal” that you too will become a member of the CCS family. Try us out; you’ll be glad you did.


Elite Advance Care Services caters to help those with alcohol addiction and mental illnesses of different variations. Our passionate intent and objective is to facilitate and provide the intervention tools through counseling, allopathic tools and treatment remedies toward attaining quality well-being and successful outcomes. Our approach is multidisciplinary toward a root-cause analysis and treatment plan. We individualized and collective treatment pathways for which will facilitate the overall objective of treatment.

Our individualized care produces more effective results.

  • Our consulting services provide physicians with support and coordination of care to better serve our patients.

  • Our integrated services for individuals with dual diagnoses allow us to care for complex cases under one setting, limiting disruption for our patients.

  • Our staff expertise is locally renowned, especially in areas of dual diagnoses.

Be it a mental health issue, substance abuse/addiction problem, or other life stressor, we provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment to the appropriate level of care for individuals of all ages within a caring and supportive environment. We would be honored to partner with you in navigating life's toughest challenges with the goal of restoring health and wellness at Elite.