Information Technology

Information Technology

Comprehensive IT solutions to reinvent your company

Thanks to PPACA and the HITECH Act, information technology has become the technology that everyone is talking about. This has no doubt resulted in a seemingly endless rush of “experts” knocking down your door with the “latest and greatest” software platforms that will “transform” your EHR into an amazing and perfect machine that will earn you millions. Sound familiar? Our team at Concentricity Consulting Solutions was doing IT before it was “cool”. We were doing IT when EHR’s didn’t exist, back when “IT” meant a “something” you were pointing out to someone. While we too are excited to offer you unparalleled IT consulting and we do indeed also have the “latest and greatest stuff” and clearly the team to make it happen, at Concentricity Consulting Solutions we have the long range vision that many of these fly by night gold diggers lack. Long after the federal gold rush ends and the others run home crying to mommy we will be here, making sure that you are staying at the front of the pack. So if you want spark and flames we might not be your team, but if instead you really enjoy a nice cup of coffee with friends around an inviting campfire that will always keep you warm, then Concentricity Consulting Solutions is just the place you are looking for. Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Concentric Cloud

Our industry-leading cloud platform provides the integrated application, infrastructure and solution stack support you need to bring your EHR system into the 21st century and beyond. We provide world class data centers, storage and management that allow your fully implemented system to buzz along like a cloud of honeybees in a field of flowers. We are happy to provide the vendor management, maintenance, versioning, enterprising and data ownership that you demand. Let our dedicated team also help you with:

Hosting Services

Website development and maintenance

Full HIPAA compliant premium security services

Disaster Recovery

Complete Infrastructure Services

Clinical Solutions

An EHR is only as good as the clinical care that it seeks to streamline and improve. It should be easy to use with a short adoption cycle and be of proven benefit to your valued clinicians who will more readily adopt its use as a result. It should monitor, inform and improve your already-excellent patient care and provide a readily accessible yet highly secure platform for research activities, billing, and quality assurance. Useful and reliable data should be a few keystrokes away and not require a PhD to access. In short, it should be simple, highly accurate, accessible and affordable. Why then do so many clinicians endlessly complain about the EHR? Simply, many don’t see it as relevant to what they do. Some see it as an intrusion into their autonomy as physician, while others just find it too complicated. Whatever the reason, Concentricity Consulting Solutions has dealt with it before and understands how to effect a smooth adoption by your clinical team. To begin with, we are clinicians and not just a team of administrators and consultants, so we understand the frustration firsthand. We also come and we stay for as long as you need us to get the job done right. We will not leave until the whole team gives us the “thumbs-up” sign. Our diverse team of highly skilled individuals will help you to:

Implement ready-access data mining

Accelerated EHR implementation

Streamline the clinician user interface

Achieve full Meaningful Use compliance

Full CPOE adoption

Business Office Systems

While your clinicians create the revenue, it is your back office that decides how much of it you actually put in your pocket. Curiously this has historically been a somewhat neglected area within hospitals, perhaps a relic of when money flowed like rivers of honey. I think we all agree that we will not see those days again. As a result, hospitals have been devoting a greater share of resources to their billing and support operations to try to bridge this gap. However, what we find at Concentricity Consulting Solutions is that while many patches have often been applied with mixed results, few hospital systems have undergone the complete and radical overhaul of this cost center that is needed to squeeze every last drop out of the revenue bucket. Our integrated team of diverse professionals

are experienced at taking hospitals step by step through this reinvention process in a way that in no way disrupts cash flow and usually does not threaten net number of jobs using proven IT, Operations, and HR technologies. Let our revenue cycle, supply chain, HR/payroll and financial services teams join yours to create a highly streamlined and efficient operation that can:

Increase collections by 15-20%

Cut denial losses by 25-30%

Ensure state of the art billing accuracy

Create a dependable revenue stream for all operations

Provide the cash you need to maintain clinical excellence

Support and Consulting

Supporting the clinical team is near and dear to the heart of any competent healthcare administrator. Joined by their sacred mission of excellent patient care, these two essential healthcare elements are the left and right feet. Without either the whole organization would fall flat on its face. Considering the age-old struggle in healthcare between the power that comes from position (administrative) and that from influence (clinical), it’s a wonder anything gets done at all. Add into this mix the dawn of what appear to be complex and mandatory EHR systems that seek to “take over” and strip the physician of his autonomy and decisional control, and it is no wonder that adoption is an uphill battle. As in anything, the solution begins with understanding. To support a clinician you must first understand that clinician. No offense to all of you fine administrators out there, but you speak Japanese as far as your doctor’s are concerned. Our EHR team at Concentricity Consulting Solutions not only has the geeky IT experts who will prod and poke your system until it cries uncle, but we have the clinicians too. We have the people who have walked the road of adoption all the way to its destination, screaming all the way, only to find out that the loss-of-autonomy monster never materialized and patient care actually improved substantially. Empathy is for those who have been there and first class support can only come from those who know. Concentricity Consulting Solutions will assist you in all aspects of IT support and adoption, including:

24/7 infrastructure support

Desktop support

Premium HIPAA compliant security

Dynamic upgrading

Full clinical support and adoption

Ongoing maintenance needs