Our leadership

Kennedy Johnson
MHA President and Chief Executive Officer

It has often been said that the leader is the one who people follow. As in anything in life, saying something appealing and actually doing it all day are very different things. Our leadership is followed not because they have a title or the ability to terminate or promote, but rather because our entire organization is eager to please. The reasons for this are “simple but not easy” as they say. Our leaders actively cultivate a culture of honor that seeks out and recognizes the unique strengths that all of our employees bring to the table. We encourage diversity and reward those who respectfully speak their minds, no matter what their “station” is in the company.

Jamie Epps
MPH, CPHQ, FACHE Chief Officer of Operations

At Concentricity Consulting Solutions, there are no wrong answers, only highly gifted participants giving all that they have in an intentionally-safe team environment. We all have jobs, but “it’s not my job” is a phrase that is not tolerated here. We all serve each other. While we have a formal hierarchy that is to be respected, first and foremost we are a tight knit family invested as one to solve the really tough healthcare problems that we deal with every day. Our excellence is not because we are the biggest, but because we have the heart, the unity and the exceptional skill sets to get it done, on time and on budget.

Jason Kennedy

Vice President of Human Resources

Rene McKinnon, R.N.,

Senior Vice President of Consulting Services

Jennifer Johnson, M.D.,

Vice President of Managed Care Servicess

Division Directors

Jennifer Whittaker, M.D.

Director of Division I Sales

Krystal O’Donald, D.C.

Director of Division II Sales

Tosin Atolagbe, M.D., M.B.A., M.H.A., M.P.H.

Director of Information Technology Services

Division Managers

Courtney Maddux-Martinez, B.S.

Business Development Manager

William Donovan

Virtualization and Optimization Manager

Brad Ewing

Manager of Information Technology & Cloud Services