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We are a passionate, strong and lean young healthcare company with over 140 years of combined experience among our exceptionally talented leadership team. Here you will find a diverse range of healthcare experiences from highly seasoned clinicians to top flight administrators, experienced consultants and IT experts, so whatever your need is we can help you solve it. While many companies stand on formality as the “proper professional attitude” and we too understand its place, instead we prefer the intimacy and power of a team that rolls up their sleeves together and uses their first names. You see, our company believes in a simpler time where family was not a word thrown around to persuade people with fancy sales gimmicks but actually meant something. At CCS, we will live and die by our integrity. Any company can impress you initially with high gloss marketing. We aim to impress when we have the honor of saying “see you soon” as we leave your company in a far better ROI position than when we first met. Because we are hungry, eager to please, and have far lower operational costs than our “big boy” competitors, we can solve your need with an upfront cost that is often half of what they charge. Additionally, our lean team delivers the kind of immediate flexibility and adaptability that your healthcare company demands, and our handshake will assure you that your need will be met creatively, on time and on budget. We have the resources and the commitment to fit your team “just right”. Try us out; you’ll be glad you did.

Find untapped value and drive better business results across your organization with our consultative, managed and outsourced business and operational solutions.

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