Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Secure end-to-end revenue cycle expertise

Expertise in claims processing and collection simply cannot be overstated or emphasized. It truly is the foundation upon which your company stands. From medical billing to coding to compliance and reporting, our system experts can help yours to get every last drop out of your revenue stream. We utilize the most advanced products available to dramatically improve areas like patient access, claims, contract management, and collections. How you then spend the money you earn can literally mean the difference between life and death in the vigorously competitive world of healthcare. There are so many needs to satisfy as our finite resources get stretched to the breaking point. Long gone are the days of near-indiscriminate technology spending as the tool to bring consumers to our door. As the temptation to make more money now might lull us into a dangerous complacency, the smart companies who have educated themselves, planned ahead, maximized their efficiencies and invested well are those who will have the reins of healthcare in coming years as many others fade into obscurity. Our experts fully understand the diverse revenue and infrastructure opportunities afforded you under PPACA and related healthcare legislation so that you will be a company that creates the trail that others will follow. In our own race with ourselves, let us never settle for second best; and let us do it with dignity and respect for all. At Concentricity Consulting Solutions we are excited to lead you arm in arm into this amazing new frontier.

Full-Service Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

Let our shared services advanced revenue cycle model guide you to full service solutions from patient registration to account resolution. Let us show you how our clients have:

Reduced collection costs by up to 18%

Collected millions in annual cash

Increased net revenue by 2-7%

Recovered millions in underpayments

Capitalized major expenditures with the savings


Our consulting team stands apart from the rest. Our highly skilled and seasoned consultants come from a diverse array of healthcare backgrounds and work as a closely coordinated team to help your team get the results it needs. Concentricity Consulting Solutions is confident that we have one of the best consulting teams in the business. We team subject and revenue cycle experts to create a powerful and synergistic force that will find the creative solutions you demand. We promise and we deliver; on time and on budget. Let us prove it to you. Contact us for a risk free quote today.

Payment Compliance

Let our experts show you how to achieve real time payment compliance and overturn denials to optimize your revenue stream. We have the clinical and operational expertise that combined with our excellent payor relationships and advanced modeling data analytics to:

  • Improve net billing revenues by 4-6%

  • Create high levels of accuracy that will allow you to breeze through audits

  • Root out and correct systemic processing and payor mitigation issues


Early Out Collection Services

Uncollected A/R’s are often a major revenue sink for hospitals. Our early out collections service allows you to begin an early and productive dialogue with the patient that will increase your net collection receipts significantly. Unlike collection agencies, the early out company seeks to partnership with patients within days of discharge to engage them in an educational process early on so they can best understand their options. We find that most people want to do the right thing if only given a chance by a company who is really willing to work with them within a reasonable time frame. The heavy handed techniques of collection agencies simply drive the patient away from the table, never to be heard from again. Many people who aren’t paying their bill simply don’t know they have options that are affordable. Early engagement with a soft and friendly demeanor punctuated by careful and patient persistence has shown us that net collections over traditional methods to be more than a 10% ROI. These methods will also provide you with a steady and reliable revenue stream rather than “chunks” of revenue that come in fits and starts.

Third Party Liability

Worker’s Compensation A/R Management

Our legal and accounting experts can deliver end-to-end management of your worker’s compensation portfolio, including:

  • “Zero balance review” of historical A/R

  • Liability reduction for incorrectly managed accounts

  • Education and assistance on state worker’s compensation laws

  • Accelerated cash flow

  • Complex WC account resolution

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA), Healthcare Liens, and No-Fault Accounts

We manage all aspects of motor vehicle accident, lien and no-fault accounts and assist you to reduce your third party A/R liability in the process. We handle med-pay claims and coordinate with liability and medical insurance carriers so you don’t have to. Our experts will help you to:

  • Optimize cash flow

  • Reduce A/R in this area

  • Mitigate and review claims

  • Improve net cash flow

Medicaid Eligibility

Given that only a minority of patients have actually signed up for insurance coverage under PPACA mandates and uninsured patient liability comprises a major drain on especially not-for-profit hospitals, achieving rapid compliance is mission-critical. We have a panel of employees that are experts on state and local Medicaid guidelines and use advanced technologies and analytics to assist you to:

  • Achieve a goal of 70% plus Medicaid enrollment in the community you serve

  • Manage application workflow and submission in a highly efficient manner

  • Increase favorable awards and reduce “recipient initiative denials”

Engage advanced quality assurance mechanisms to assure a timely and accurate eligibility process.

Physician Billing

Physician billing is your revenue lifeblood, so ensuring that it is done extremely well and in a timely and accountable manner is paramount to your organization. While all hospitals have dedicated billing departments, we have found that consultation by objective experts up to date on the latest technologies and changes can help you to realize:

Up to a 15% improvement in net revenue

  • Speed workflow by 20% or more

  • Settle disputed accounts more rapidly

  • Optimize practice cash flow

  • Mitigate and substantially reduce denials

  • Work intimately with EHR team to ensure correct ICD-10 and CPM match to streamline claims time and efficiency

Extended Business Office

Let our professionals extend your business office either on or off site to streamline and speed up your revenue cycle operations. We provide billing, early out/self pay, insurance follow up, underpayment recovery, A/R clean up and conversion and denials management services across a range of insurance providers public and private. Let our team join your team to:

  • Significantly improve cash flow

  • Improve patient satisfaction with the collection process and improve net receipts

  • Improve key performance indicators

  • Increase net revenue through reduced collection costs, fewer denials and shorter A/R cycles

  • Reduce net business staff and overall office costs