Sustainable Operating Cost Management

Sustainable Operating Cost Management

Consulting. Technology. Outsourcing: Achieve sustainable growth through strategic cost management

Sustainability is the buzz word in health care circles these days. While PPACA has created many opportunities to enhance your immediate revenue streams, the real rewards will go to those who have their eyes fixed on the long ball after this “pot of gold” has gone away. The key is to capitalize fully on the opportunities this act has afforded your company as you position yourself to lead the pack in the decades that follow. A century ago Louis Pasteur said “chance favors the prepared mind”, a perpetual truth of human (and corporate) existence. In the years to come, this means that we must stay focused on the three manifold aspects of success for any healthcare organization; economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Many complex challenges await us; from globalization to exploding information technologies to healthcare reform to increased regulatory scrutiny and ever-tighter budgets that threaten our viability, the road ahead can seem a bit daunting. We must solve these problems as we create workplaces that are safe, comfortable, productive and cost-effective. Whether you are for or not-for-profit, no margin has always meant no mission. Satisfying the needs of your multiple stakeholders as budgets get smaller will reward those bold enough to step way outside of their boxes and take innovative yet carefully calculated risks to blaze forward in this new frontier. To be sustainable you must use the dollars of today to create the infrastructure of tomorrow that will place your company into a commanding leadership position. At Concentricity Consulting Solutions, our leadership understands you because they have all come from upper levels of healthcare organizations in their own right. Let our business organization experts lead you through the many complex challenges ahead so that you will emerge as a highly prosperous healthcare organization poised to lead the field for years to come.

Supply Chain Operations

Successful supply chain operations require an integrated tactical focus that strategically aligns your company across multiple business functions in order to best optimize your productivity and efficiency. We will help you identify opportunities in procurement, inventory management and accounts payables by capitalizing on synergistic automation technologies to build a smooth and efficient system. Supply chain is an area where there is often much waste from service duplication and unnecessarily complex supply tiers. Simplicity is best. Elimination of unnecessary steps and excellent supply coordination among vendors can bring your goods and supplies to you faster, cheaper and more reliably than you have ever experienced before. Our experts have years of supply chain process improvement experience and do this all day every day. Let us steer. We’re good at it. Let us help you to:

Streamline inventory management – using the most up to date automation and software technology available, CCS will have you wondering why you didn’t ask for our help long ago. You will soon be delivering cost effective products to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. We guarantee it.

Improve procurement methods – with improved spend visibility and an absolute insistence on contract compliance from your partners smoothed along by efficient requisition pathways, you will find that you get what you need, when you need it, and at just the right time.

Streamline accounts payables – to improve cash flow and financial visibility.

Pharmacy Operations

Rising pharmacy costs have created a major challenge for the hospital industry today. Having a highly competent clinical staff behind the counter is foundational, but the operations aspects are equally important. Like all businesses that run on supply operations, pharmacy is all about movement. Drugs come in and drugs go out. What creates a challenge is the incredible amount of attention to detail that must go on, day in and day out. If this is not done extremely well and continuously monitored then the wrong patient may get the wrong drug and significant liability will result. Our pharmacy system experts will work closely with your expert team to create pinpoint and accountable accuracy in the operation. The workflow process will become more efficient as drugs get to patients faster and with greater accuracy. Our optimization program will create metrics that allow you to track every drug at every moment. Our financial, formulary, clinical, quality and regulatory metrics all work in consensus to build a system that is second to none. Pharmacy is one of your most critical and complex departments. A critical review of operations to ensures accuracy, accountability, and timeliness of all processes is essential to the welfare of your precious patients. Call us for a free quote today. You’ll be glad you did.

Surgical Services

Surgical services are one of the most important revenue centers for any hospital. Therefore, the more throughput you have the greater the cash flow. Efficient surgical scheduling can be a tricky business since timeframes for clinical procedures will by definition vary. Through the analysis of many surgical services at many hospitals, the team at CCS has devised a scheduling system that is second to none. It mitigates revenue depleting down time, empty rooms and cancelled procedures using state of the art software technology that promises to increase net surgical revenues by 10-15%. Combine this with the improvements made by our operations team and your hospital can realize a net increase in cash flow of up to 20%. Let our pros help you to optimize:

Inventory Management

Scheduling Procedures

Patient Throughput

Supply and Labor Expenses

Value Analysis

Evaluating new products and technologies in a fashion that balances cost against patient and facility benefit is a challenging process with many unclear variables. The ever-present question today given shrinking hospital budgets is whether or not a given new technology is really necessary to maintain your business position. Gone are the days when we would buy expensive things just because they were the latest and greatest thing. Life is more complex now. We must carefully and methodically evaluate the value of all of our purchases. This takes an expertise borne from years of technology purchase management and a good nose for truth to see past the sales gimmicks. Our ConcentricSolutions team clearly fits that bill. With years of experience and many satisfied clients, this team will also help you to:

Design analytics and establish key measurement criteria

Define sustainable policies and procedures

Bring a high level of transparency and accountability to your purchasing process

Incorporate broad financial measures with patient outcomes to measure the total cost of care

Shared Services

Our innovative shared services program integrates purchasing, accounts payable and distribution functions to maximize efficiency. Our standardized policies and procedures and integrated technology will streamline your workflow, ensure data integrity and decision based reporting. We will design, optimize or implement your shared services programs, such as business case development and technology selection and optimization among others.

Concentric Trust

In this day and age of extensive vertical integration, systems must cross platforms from hospital to outpatient clinic to rehabilitation, nursing home and other long term care services. Concentric Trust ensures that you will have seamless communication across treatment venues that will eliminate expensive clinical redundancy and streamline administrative procedures. You can be rest assured that all of your partners will have the same considerable advantages that you do by using Concentricity Consulting Solutions to bring a whole new level of value to your operations. With our efficient systems in place the days of redundant clinical services and procedures, overlapping inefficient multi-tier administrative techniques, and poor clinician communication are over. Instead you will have seamless communication from the top to the bottom of your administrative and clinical departments. It only takes a small rudder to turn a battleship, but the rudder must move on command.