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The journey can be perilous as a healthcare organization attempts the fine juggling act of balancing mission vs. margin in these days of tight budgets and suffocating regulations. The answers lie in creativity, finely honed efficiency, and perhaps most important; knowledge. In this brave new world created by PPACA there is now a truly daunting number of new things that you must come to not only understand, but know as intimately as you would your favorite old pair of slippers. Not doing so keeps you from the very significant government incentives that you are entitled to. As in all facets of healthcare, well coordinated and highly skilled teams that work together as one are needed to seize the full potential of any opportunity as we elevate patient care to a whole new level. That’s where Concentricity Consulting Solutions comes in. Every member of our diverse team of experienced and talented experts is a healthcare team leader in their own right; we understand healthcare because we live and breathe it every day. Our team joined with yours will work tirelessly to generate substantial revenue for your company as we simultaneously help you to improve your all-important patient safety. Innovative new care models are exactly what our Concentricity Consulting Solutions efficiency experts excel at developing, and in the process you will achieve sizable rewards for your newly streamlined efficiencies. Excellent patient care has always been about both highly skilled providers and administrators but also great communication, and that depends upon highly effective teaming. Our efficiency experts can help you in all facets of team organizing and leadership development so that your team will rise to its highest potential, and your company with it. The Meaningful Use provisions of the PPACA demand an integrated EHR with seamless inter-platform communication. This requires an advanced IT knowledge set and the industry connections needed to develop a system that will maximize your revenue generation in a highly ethical way. At Concentricity Consulting Solutions our Meaningful Use team is second to none. We follow through and stay on the ball until it is in the end zone. You will receive maximum funding as we help you to develop a sophisticated, efficient and user friendly platform that when combined with your excellent clinical team will hit one out of the park for your organization. The often confusing “ICD-10 monster” is now upon us, and our experts will help you to significantly improve your revenue cycle as this new coding methodology is streamlined into your system. The complex IT needs of today require a highly skilled and often expensive team, and for many smaller companies this is not fiscally prudent. Let Concentricity Consulting Solutions take this worry from you as you outsource to our team. If your in-house team just needs a little help, our stellar IT consultants are just the ones you need. Government contracting is a labyrinth of impossible-to-understand rules and endless reams of paperwork, but for those who know how to navigate this maze the financial rewards can be quite significant. Since our team at Concentricity Consulting Solutions does this all day every day we will lead you into still (and profitable) waters in the years to come. You see, at Concentricity Consulting Solutions we don’t just show up do our job and then leave. We stay for the long haul and see you through to the end. It is, quite simply, who we are. Let us steer. We’re good at it. Finally, you won’t have a healthcare organization long without ongoing strategic planning. As the old saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Let Concentricity Consulting Solutions guide you into ever greater excellence as you plan your journey toward truly exceptional care. After all, it is the reason that we are all here.